Ameridor Manufacturing Inc. has been serving cabinetmakers, locker companies and contractors throughout the United States and internationally since 1979. From the beginning our mission has been simple. "To provide our customers with superior customer service and the highest quality products available". This is accomplished by having owners, managers and employees who are true craftsmen and genuinely care about the quality of doors they produce.

Ameridor specializes in custom cabinet, locker, and fixed louver doors. We also produce standard and custom moulding. Our facility is capable of producing your order of 1 door or 1000 doors in a timely manner, while maintaining a high standard of quality from the first door to the last. Whatever the quantity, you can be assured that each door will be to your specifications and inspected one at a time.

We do not just want to be your door vendor, but rather an extension of your business. Working together as a team and combining our resources, talents and expertise.

Why Outsource Doors ?


- Reduce your time per job, sell more, and produce more.

- Increase your selection of door styles and wood species.

- Reduce labor, equipment, material and space requirements.

- Our plant is equipped so that most tools and machines are configured to perform one job. This provides faster service and better quality to you.

- We custom build your doors on a semi-production basis while still maintaining a smaller shop's quality. Each door is inspected for size, square and wood imperfections - one at a time.

Ameridor Manufacturing, Inc.
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