** We work in all available domestic and imported hardwoods and softwoods. Below we have showcased some of the more popular varieties. Our raw material is kiln dried for greater stability.

We purchse the finest top grade Red Oak from the Great Lakes area of the country. This region yields the most consistent color and texture of the American hardwoods. We strive to use only the wheat colored Red Oak lumber. For added uniformity, we further color and grain match during the production process.

A very consistent white color and dense material. Another of the great American hardwoods produced from the northeast. It has a very appealing grain pattern and lends itself to clear finished projects.

Our American Cherry is selected for consistent red color. Sapwood is not permitted on the face. Our Cherry is grown and processed at the finest Pennsylvania mills. It's color and grain pattern makes an outstanding choice for those rich, dark tone jobs.

It is grown and harvested only in the northwest corner of our country. It is commonly used as a Cherry substitute, as the grain pattern mimics American Cherry. It is a more plentiful hardwood. It's affordability and varying grades from superior to knotty makes it appealing for a variety of projects. Red Alder ia a bit softer than typical American hardwoods, but has excellent workability and good finishing characteristics.

A very unique hardwood. It has a distinct grain pattern and varies greatly in color with stark white areas to a deep dark brown. It is a very hard material and is used from elegant to very rustic projects. Our Hickory is also available in an all heart specification, which is selected for even color consistency.

Our standard Mahogany is of the genuine variety, which is harvested soley in South America. It is consistent in color to the copper/red end of the spectrum. It is widely used in studies, libraries, and furniture as a high quality hardwood with very rich color. * We also have available other varieties of Mahogany, such as African and Malaysian. Those varieties typically have a much wider color range.

Our Ash is also a northern region product and is available in either white, brown or a natural color blend of the two. It has a very pronounced grain pattern and has excellent workability and finishing characteristics.

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